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Tips to Make An Environment-friendly Move

Tips to Make An Environment-friendly Move

You may be forced to take a job in a new town because of company layoffs or staff reorganizations, or you may move due to incidents like death or divorce. People have to face a lot of inconveniences due to moving. A move entails below mentioned things, whether it is local or international.

  1. Sorting through the stuff stored in attics and garage since long.
  2. Packing all the belongings and moving to an altogether new place.
  3. Look for a reliable removal company for relocation
  4. Saying goodbye to old friends and seeking new friends in the new place.
  5. Unpacking and setting up home in the new place.

Despite so many inconveniences, people do move for better life prospects, better incomes, and lifestyle. There are innumerable reasons to move and a few are listed below:

  • Personal reasons

‘Moving on’ means not being stuck or letting go. There are a lot of personal reasons behind our reasons to leave a familiar surrounding and moving to an altogether new destination. Incidents like death and divorce are some of the primary reasons for leaving a place. Familiar locales and surroundings do remind us of people who are no longer with us. So, in order to give a new beginning to your life you must move to a new place. Another reason to move to a new city is health concern of somebody who is close to you. Your grandmother may fall sick, and you cannot leave her unattended. Sometimes people outgrow their homes. Their family size increases and now they want a bigger home.

Most of the times, family-inspired moves are for the betterment of family members. People want to raise their children in places where they have an access to good schools and colleges. For some individuals a change of place and home is an amazing experience.

  • Professional reasons

Some companies transfer their employees in the same city or overseas to work in other branch. The cost of commuting and moving is covered by the company itself. Some employees have to commute very long to reach office on a daily basis. Usually they would like to shift to a place which is closer to their office. Some people move to find a new job at a new place, for financial reasons.Business expansions and foreclosures are other reasons to move to a new place. Business grows and a growing business needs a bigger space.

Moving is inevitable. None of us will stay at one place throughout our lives. We move for different reasons, but the impact of our moves on the Mother Nature is the same. Environment is deteriorating day by day, leading to a rise in global temperature. Thanks to the superior species on this planet earth, as we have contributed the most to the damage.  We hardly think of doing environmentally friendly things when moving.

You can make your move “green” by mere reducing the waste. Removing clutter at the time of your relocation is the first step towards an environment friendly move. Clutter in any form will keep you bogged down. People won’t stop relocating, though, they are all well aware of the impact the moving industry has on the environment.

  • Effects of moving on environment

Moving trucks contribute to a very small percentage of trucks out on the road today. Most of the packing supplies which can be recycled are thrown away or disposed in nearby landfills. Reuse is better than recycling. But people’s preference for new moving boxes has also contributed a lot in harming the nature. A lot of trees are chopped off to prepare those cardboard boxes, which are used in abundance while moving.

  • Small environmental friendly gestures

Most of the moving companies leave behind a carbon footprint after executing the move. An ideal move should produce no garbage. You can use towels for wrapping breakables. This way, you need not buy packing supplies. You may ask local businesses if they have boxes that they throw away regularly, but make sure you ask them in well advance. After completing your relocation process, just give these boxes to friends and family for further usage. Use a box cutter while unpacking, so that the boxes are in a good condition for other person to re-use.

  • Environmental friendly packing

While packing, you can use pillows, sheets, and old clothes instead of Styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap, which are not safe environment wise. You will be able to save money by using the very things that you have already move

Organize a garage sale for disposing the extra stuff you have. Donate the things that you do not use anymore. There is no dearth of companies which promise environmental friendly moving. Check out whether it is only a publicity stunt or are they really contributing to a pollution-free move. Avoid hiring a giant van if you are moving locally and have less things to carry. Use natural cleaning products to clean your new home and eco-friendly paints to get your new walls painted.

This is the least we can do to make this earth a better place to live in!

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