How To Prepare Yourself for a Hiking Trip?

02 Mar

Holidays are about having fun and spending time doing the things you love to do. We all keep postponing anything we like to do onto our vacations. I am not talking about children here. They can always find time to carry out their hobbies and interests in free time. I am talking about the youngsters and married couples, who are always busy with one work or another thing. Holidays work as a great stress-buster for such busy-bees.

We all must lead an active lifestyle but in reality we are leading a sedentary one. People who sit for nine hours at their workplace on an everyday basis, must plan a holiday that involves physical exercise. You don’t know how bad can sitting at the office or in a car or truck all day really be. This continuous sitting is deteriorating our physical health. You would love to go camping with your family, or a hiking trip would be great, if you are going with my friends.

Now the question arises how to make preparations for a hiking trip. Just like any other trip, hiking and backpacking requires a lot of planning. And do not confine your planning to deciding things like hiking routes, camping site, food and destination.

Hiking preparations
Hiking preparations totally depend upon the kid of hiking plans you have. If you want to go on an 8-hour hike in the nearby woods, that won’t require a lot of preparations. But you would need to make a lot of preparations if you are planning to go on a four-day hiking trip or more. A hiking/ backpacking trip can be the best vacation you ever had.

Get into shape
Hiking or backpacking is full of challenges which puts your physical vigor and strength to test. You must increase your overall fitness level by following a routine exercise. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the challenges that lie ahead. If you are looking forward to a multi-day hiking adventure, you must train yourself slowly but steadily. Set measurable walking goals and try to achieve them.

Acclimatize to high altitudes
Each of us have different physical stamina and endurance capacity. The need to acclimatize to higher altitudes would vary from person to person. Try walking on lower altitudes and then gradually proceed to the higher ones. This will help your body to get used to the outer climate and adverse situations.

Hiking is a refreshing experience and proper arrangements and planning will make it more memorable. Hiking offers you that much needed “me time”, that you fail to get in your routine life. Enjoy a safe hiking trip!

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