Getting Ready For A Long Distance Move

02 Mar

Moving within a state and moving to another country are two altogether different experiences. Though, in both the cases, you would have to leave your home, to which you are emotionally attached. But you need to invest a lot of quality time while planning for a long distance move. It is very important that you find a long distance moving company, who shoulders the responsibility of your move well.

A long distance move is a move from one state to another, or a move of over 100 miles within the same state. The cost of moving depends upon the distance to be covered as well as the weight of the goods. The other cost determining factors can be: whether the moving company helps you in packing things, or the movers have to move the furniture using stairs or elevators. If you want to use storage services before the things are actually delivered at your destination, you would have to pay an additional fee.

Here are a few tips for planning to move long distance.

Look for a reliable moving company
Locate a reliable international moving company if you are moving cross border. Such professional moving companies are familiar with the pros and cons of moving, thus making the move way less stressful for you. Talk to the people and learn as much information as you can about the company and their reputation. Read the testimonials on their websites for feedback.

Inform your current utility and service providers
Call your current utility providers to intimate them about the move. Cancel your service at your existing residence, to avoid any inconvenience later. Disconnect your existing services, but make sure you give ample notice, so that all the services are disconnected at the time when you want them to.

Get rid of extra stuff
Dispose of unnecessary and unused items! Remember the moving charges depend upon the weight of the shipment that you want to be delivered at your new home or office. So it is always better to move light. Fewer items you carry, less volume you’ll have to pay for. You can hold a garage sale a month before your moving date, or you can donate surplus items.

Intimate your friends about the move
It is really important that you intimate your friends and colleagues well ahead in time. Moreover, you must provide them with your contact details. You can send an e-mail to inform your near and dear about change in your address and phone number.

Instituting these tips in your moving plan will help your move go more smoothly. With the help of a good moving company and a little planning you can make it  a success!

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